Job Title: CEO
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Sydney, Australia
Reference: 40
Contact Name: John Cooksey
Job Published: August 18, 2016 15:56

Job Description

Position Description

Position:     CEO

Reporting To:    The position will report to the Founding Director, who is also managing a major expansion of the flagship cardiac biomedical engineering company Micropace Pty Ltd

Location:        Canterbury, Sydney. Relocating to Homebush West

Key Objectives:
A unique opportunity for a top executive to fundamentally improve school student learning in the global multi-billion-dollar education market, by providing a solution to the growing problems associated with classroom 1:1 laptop use. You will grow and globalize a successful mature private start-up which is for the first time making classroom computer learning processes visible to teachers and educators in real time, through the new science of computer learning analytics, delivered through a cloud data service. 

Business Strategy:
•    Creating value for multiple stakeholders in schools (refined and proven by many school trials)
Teachers: with live display
Educators: with usage & pedagogy statistics
IT Admin: with laptop stats and subscribed services usage and efficiency Students: with feedback on study performance
Parents: with school learning reports. 
•    At the same time, disarm associated fears for each stakeholder – critical.
•    Creating homework product ‘StudyMeter’ and leveraging school penetration to sell product at a premium to parents to multiply margins. Already done, waiting to market.
•    Protecting position with IP patent (lodged) and extensive validation, publications and deep ties with academia and DOE. We have gained favour from world leaders in education and learning analytics – Dr John Hattie, Melbourne Uni, Dr Ryan Baker, Columbia Uni NYC, Prof Simon Buckingham Shum UTS, ACER in Melbourne. 
•    Form partnerships with hardware providers for OEM installation on school laptops, integration into next PISA OECD tests (have approached), and eventually government contracts. 
•    Launch internationally, publish national and cultural comparative studies and insert into media cycle for free promotion. We have exhibited at some 4 conferences with tremendous response from teachers. Following last US show, twenty schools in US have signed up for trials, and we have virtually 100% conversion from trials. Sales are proceeding in Singapore, India and Australia.

COO Duties:
•    Provide leadership, governance and oversight for the Operational excellence and Development pathway for a small and growing Tech (post)Startup.
•    Manage and motivate sales and marketing teams and development teams for growth.
•    Drive and grow sales and marketing efforts to achieve a target of well-serviced 120 schools internationally in next 12 months, ensuring effective seamless scaling of operations.
•    Assess and implement existing product pipeline, including teacher resource exchange and homework / parent products.
•    Develop overseas markets, building on early success in the US, Singapore and India education markets.
•    Build and lead an expanded but cohesive team of professionals and leverage outsourced resources to support company growth efficiently, strengthening our existing motivated culture of quality, integrity and dedication to customer service.
•    Manage company budgets and finances conservatively and leanly & secure ongoing revenues and profitability.
•    Look for funding from grants, investors and philanthropists.
•    Manage intellectual property, protecting existing and developing new IP. 
•    Collaborate with Academia by building on Interface collaborations for validation of product and establishing a strong expert status in industry.
•    Meet KPI’s and report to Founding Director and the board.

CEO Duties:
•    Provide strategic growth leadership, governance and drive to guide the Tech (post)Startup team of 12 through to a mature IT corporation of 100+ staff.
•    Build LearnMeter into a world-first, dominant expert leader in school Computer Learning Analytics, through collaborative academic validation, global networking, promotion of expertise, professional meeting participation with government & educational organization partnerships. 
•    Establish an advisory board to guide and advance our mission of meaningfully improving school learning.
•    Publicise and promote Learning Analytics synonymously with LearnMeter for managing computer learning in schools, in the media, among entrepreneurs, philanthropists and the government.
•    Develop new business opportunities, including markets, partnerships and collateral applications, such as tertiary education, teacher training and corporate learning. 
•    Define and drive product development strategy in collaboration with market feedback and founder.

Person Description

Relevant Experience & Qualifications:

•    Tech startup grower: Demonstrated track record in bringing tech startups to the market, i.e. Previous Runs on the Board.
•    Cross-industry networked among technology innovators, other CEO’s, financiers, government and ideally in the education sector to advocate company, form partnerships and source advisory board.
•    Educational & ICT sector experience and skills desirable, educational ICT Executive, CTO or technical background advantageous, if demonstrably subjugated to CEO function.

Technical Know-How / Skills & Competencies / Attributes:

•    Visionary motivating leader required – ideally passionate about making technology serve society and education of next generation. 
•    Excellent CEO skills of leadership, communication, management skills, integrity and dedication to our mission of meaningfully improving school learning.
•    Guide and Mentoring for a small cohesive team, using agile concepts and maintain its integrity as the business evolves and expands globally.
•    Bring strong networks to the table from a Tech, Financial and Business Strategy perspective – international expertise and global expansion performance highly regarded.
•    Bring strong networks to the table from a Tech, Financial and Business strategy perspective – preferably international; specific educational “door opener” networks highly regarded. 
•    Able to provide and explain the ‘helicopter’ overview, the fine detail, elevator pitch, exec summary and full disclosure, all at exemplary standards.
•    Operational excellence from a COO viewpoint, coupled with a face-of-company approach to CEO requirements of the office.
•    Ability to operate in a lean, efficient and driven manner to ensure success.
•    Previous C-level expertise very highly regarded.


•    Chance to be a leader of one of two “hottest” industries for investment: Education (and health).
•    Market proved product, ready for the multi-billion-dollar global education market. 
•    Mature startup with established international mindset and sales pipeline. 
•    Support from Founding Director operating in international medical device distribution, although in a very niche limited market
•    Attractive salary package equity milestone agreement commensurate with performance
•    Friendly agile tech team environment
•    Free Parking, Close to public transport
•    Virtually unlimited career path – in a global market
•    A chance to make a profound difference in one of the most important Human endeavor arenas – EDUCATION

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