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About Affinity People

Successful organisations know how to connect with employees and stakeholders, create a sense of co-operative energy and benefit from the synergies created.

Our partnership approach leverages our international experience and a proven human resources Path to Organisational Excellence to assist clients to:

  • source Key Talent in Australia/New Zealand and Asia
  • create People Capital Plans that maximise ROI for human capital investment
  • develop leadership skills and strategies to enhance the value leaders bring to the organization.


John Cooksey

BSc Psychology, MA Psychology, Postgrad Dip Management

John has over 25 years’ experience in the provision of people leadership to sales, operations, human resources and marketing teams in Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South Africa. 

His senior HR leadership roles for multinational companies such as PepsiCo enables him to provide true strategic insights for Affinity's clients using cutting edge diagnostic survey tools for strategic workforce design, employee engagement and human resources planning.

His consulting experience enables him to develop effective client solutions and the Affinity People '3 Step to a People Capital Plan' process provides them a clear understanding of the business impact for current and future human resources initiatives.

As the founder of Esprit Martial he also understands the power of personal focus, resilience and self belief.

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Our Services

Assist operational leaders engage key talent across Australia/NZ and Asia.

A People Capital Plan is essential to ensure you have a strong workforce foundation, can effectively manage talent and then achieve organisational excellence.

​We ‘connect’ individuals and organisations 
​for positive change and sustainable growth.